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Management and analysis of decisions and objectives

To improve the information that is available in democratic societies. To link news from media to individuals' goals, in order to provide an analysis of decisions support at elections time.

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Here Decisionner is presented from several points of view: The citizen, the journalist.

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While reading news in a newspaper an individual mentally notes aspects related to his/her goals__ (see examples).
She/he says, for example:
  • "I consider this news helps me in reaching my goals, I assign it my best score", or
  • "I see this news as an obstacle to reaching one of my goals, i assign it a bad score".

People notoriously assimilate what is consonant versus dissonant with their own views or aspirations.

Assignation of notes is done in an agile way without interruption of reading (or reducing at most disruption of reading).

Journalist: Structures information by indentifying decisions, facts, responsabilities

Simultaneously with the publication of a news, the journalist identifies:
  • The core decisions involved in the news
  • Responsability for these decisions
  • Facts taken into account in order to making the decision
  • Goals' expectancy to be reached by the decision

Individual analysis

The information recorded by individuals give them the opportunity for analysis:
  • What are the influential decisions that affect most his/her goals, what decisions are an obstacle to his/her goals.
  • Additional information prepared by the journalist, such as
    • responsibles for decisions,
    • facts,
    • expected goals to be reached by the decision
  • Information obtained from former readers by compailing and recording the data used by other individuals:
    • Identifying decisions selected by the majority of individuals
    • Thoughts given inmediate responsables that related to my goals.
    • The qualifications offered to those responsables that influence my objectives ..

Responsable: Analysis

  • Number of individuals affected by a decision
  • level of acceptance of a decision
  • Correlation among
    • goals of the decision and
    • goals of the individuals
      • Note: This is a complex field. In the future models can be defined to find these correlations or linkages.

Motivation: Democracy

The quality of the democracy depends on the quality of the information provided to the society:
  • availability of the information
  • quality and diversity of the informacion
  • acquisition of this information on the part of the individuals
  • use of the information for decision making (election time)

Decisionner Improves the last two information components in a democracy.
The fundamental aspect is the registration of the objectives of individuals.

Personal motivation

• If a tool exists and is used in the society, the decisions taken will take into account the collective, the people will be better represented, the decisions will be more coherent. All this benefits me.
• If this idea is novel and someone carries it out and he/she gives me the credit, I can profit from this 'fame'
• I am open to listenning financial's proposals for the implementation of this idea. I would work conscientiously toward this end. There is space to perform a commercial product that will benefit businesses and families.

Aplication: Diverse media

  • Internet is the favourite medium for the introduction of informacion originating from the individual.
  • Other media can carry out this by means of messages SMS available in the phone system (a great effort must be undertaken in reducing the individual's effort required).
  • The interactive TV (very similar to internet) is also a favorite media for the introduction of information.


Various journalists: Diverse opinions

Apart from official information, different journalists can add their own points of view to the information:
  • Prominent facts ignored during decision making
  • Unexpected goals

The individual will be confronted by the diversity of opinions and he/she will validate one among them (any difference with the present situation).

Several sources

The information originating from various newspapers can be consolidated, as well as that coming from institutions where the deciones are taken officially (municipal council, departmental assembly, senate, Congress, presidency, UN, ONESCO, FAO, etc), ONGs, private enterprises, etc.

Collective construction

By comparing and consolidating Wikipedia and Indymedia, the individual becomes an actor in the editing and publication of information (if she desired this takes the place of the journalist!).

Quantify other's informations

It is possible to qualify all available data:
  • Facts
  • The responsibles objectives

It need to be ascertained if these qualifications are or are not connected with the objectives of the individual.

Comparison to other proposals:

Political compass

From a fixed list of questions, calculates degree of likelyhood to several political categories (autoritarims vs democracy, capitalim vs socialism, etc).

Decisionner main difference from polytical compass is definition of goals coming right from individuals (instead of a fixed list of questions and categories).

More information about polytical compass:

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